SprinterThe Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a multipurpose light commercial vehicle built by Daimler AG and by Freightliner as a knock down kit in the US.  It has been built since 1995 and has been badged under the Dodge and Volkswagen names as well.  Today primarily the Sprinter is under the Mercedes Brand however is still sold as a modified version by Volkswagen as the LT and Crafter.


Brief History

The Sprinter has gone through only two generational body styles changes over its 20+ year run, with the 1st generation running from 1995-2006 and being broken up into two phases with drastic changes to the powertrain during this time.  Available as both a cargo, passenger and utility van among many other custom configurations; the Sprinter was the answer from Mercedes for US based competitors such as the Ford E-Series and Chevy/GMC Vans.

The second generation Sprinter introduced in 2006 won van of the year just like the earlier Sprinter and its predecessor the Mercedes-Benz TN van.  Additional wheelbase options, along with upgraded V6 engines and transmissions were offered among a plethora of more modern features.

Official Camper Van Concept & 4X4 Sprinters

While enthusiasts have been modifying Sprinters into campers from the very beginning, Mercedes unveiled a concept in 2013 at the Caravan Salon with a built in living area and all the accommodations of a Class B RV.  In 2014 an Airstream fitted version was also introduced that was made available to local Mercedes-Benz Dealers.  The Sprinter 4X4 has been planned for model year 2015 featuring 5 body styles and various transfer case/gear ratio options.



Features & Specifications

  • Manufacturer:  Mercedes-Benz & Freightliner
  • AKA: Dodge Sprinter / Freightliner Sprinter
  • Model Years: 1995-2000 (Generation 1: Phase 1) | 2001-2005 (Generation 1: Phase 2) | 2006-Present (Generation 2)
  • Body Styles: 4 Door Minivan, 2-Dr Pickup, 4-Dr Crew Cab, 4-Dr Minibus

Today the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is still available in 5 different core configurations at the following starting manufacturer suggested retail prices.

  • Cargo Van – $35,995
  • Crew Van – $38,270
  • Passenger Van – $39,995
  • Cab Chassis – $35,310
  • Minibus – See a Local Dealer

To learn more about the Mercedes Sprinter visit the official site for North America by Clicking Here.


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  1. hi there, can extra seatbelts be added to the MERCEDES SPRINTER 416CDI 2.7L TURBO DEISEL 5 CYCLINDER ENGINE (2006) that has a motorhome on the back?

  2. Purchased a brand new 2020 Sprinter van in July of 2020 and in less than 3 months old, the front wheel sensors and brackets tore off in icy road conditions. Warranty not covered under policy by North America Mercedes Benz of
    Sandy Springs, GA. Really, not covered??? Would we ever buy another Mercedes product again???? NO definitely not not even an overpriced keychain. Poorest customer service and does not stand behind their lemons what so ever.

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