This page is dedicated to our process for creating and managing listings on our site.  Below we detail how ads arrive on our site, how we edit/remove them along with our goals and purposes for our unique classifieds directory.  Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything contained on this page please Contact us.


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Navigating Our Classifieds

If you are on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to sort our listings by either Location or Model Year.  Another effective method is to use the Search function near the top of each page.  If you are on a desktop computer you can use the grey navigation bar or the sidebar to the far right of every page to navigate our classifieds.

In general we have broken down the listings by model year and geographic location but for more specifics such as features, maker or model use the Search Box at the top.  Regardless of which method you choose you will be presented with the 10 most recent ads displayed with the most current first.  To see past ads use the numbered navigation links after the last ad preview.  This will show you the next 10 and so on.  You can also see the 5 most recent listings added to this site in the “Recent Ads” ticker bar for desktop viewers.

Also check out our Home Page if you want to see our Featured Seller listings and most recent ads in either Canada or the United States.



Ad Creation

The ads, posts or listings displayed on this site are created by one of the following methods

  • Submitted Directly to this Site by the Seller
  • Reposted from a Local Craigslist Classifieds
  • Reformatted and linked to eBay Auction

Ads that are submitted directly to our site are updated on a daily basis and we work with sellers directly to ensure all information is up to date and accurate. Posts that come from Craigslist or eBay are updated as often as we can and we use the best information available at the time of update to ensure the most accurate listing.

The reason we repost ads from other popular online classifieds is to give our visitors a full picture of the entire Mercedes Sprinter Camper market. The idea is to be the one top shop for all Sprinter camper vans listed for sale across the United States and Canada.


Listings Management

The major difference between us and many other online classifieds directories is that we do not remove our listings from our site once they are sold. We instead mark them as SOLD and maintain the ad in order to keep an accurate history of past Mercedes Sprinter Campers listed for sale. We do our best to mark ads sold in timely manner however should you find one that is incorrectly marked please send us a message on our Contact page.


Rolling Database

By keeping both past and present Sprinter Camper ads the goal is to be a rolling database and fair market value calculator for both buyers and sellers. Our goal is to act as a valuation tool that will allow users to see what various Mercedes Sprinter Campers have been listed for including the condition, model year, specifications and geographic location.


Seller Information

Since many of our ads are reposted from Craigslist and eBay we do our best to get all of the most accurate information. However we frequently have issues with seller information being correct. You are free to comment under the listing or to Contact us however it is unlikely to help you reach the seller. Unfortunately if the contact info is no longer valid the best we can often do is mark the camper as No Longer Available.

Please Note: If you are a seller and would like your personal contact information removed from our site regardless if the camper has been sold or not please contact us and we will remove it right away.


General Disclaimers

Take note of the following disclaimers when using our website. For more information check out our Terms and Conditions page.

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  • is not directly involved in the sale of any vehicle listed for sale on this site.
  • Information on this site is not guaranteed to by accurate, up to date or complete.