2015 TurnKey, “Eco” Hand-Crafted Conversion in Santa Cruz, CA

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Asking Price: $77,500

2015 Santa Cruz CA

Camper Features

  • Model Year: 2015
  • Odometer: 30,442
  • Maker: Conversion
  • Model: 2500
  • Size: 19ft x 10ft tall

Ad Details

  • City/Area: Santa Cruz
  • State/Region: California
  • Contact Name: Susi L.
  • Phone: (831) 345-2236
  • Email: [email protected]

More Information & Pictures


I’m pleased to introduce The Silver Surfer Eco-Van 2500! Converted Camper Mercedes Sprinter of One’s Dreams! ūüôā

I’ve had a TON of interest in this van from a lot of people who can alllmost afford it…So I’d be willing to do a partial finance situation, if you have good credit/strong income and at least $50K to put down.

Carefully designed to very strict purity standards, using only 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly materials such as Marmoleum floors (made with pressed flower petals and linseed oil!) and sustainably harvested Maple and Bamboo. All stains, sealants, foams & glues are 100% formaldehyde-free and non-toxic.

Although the van itself is a 2015, the interior build is BRAND NEW and has had only several weeks of use, and so everything is sparkly brand new and ready for YOU!

WHY would I sell this gorgeous work of art?? Sadly, I just need the money right now, as I’m just coming out of a long battle of being bedridden with Lyme Disease. It’s an incredible van, inside and out! Looking at other comparable vans, the low mileage, and based on the money that’s been put into this, we’ve listed it at a price that seems REALLY good.
Now is the time to secure your Covid-escape vehicle, “sanity-restorer”! ūüôā
Happy to accommodate social distancing at showing. ūüôā

The Silver Surfer Eco Van features:

~A surprisingly smooth ride…Super easy to handle and park. This is the shorter 136″ wheelbase (with the high roof) version of the Sprinter Van, which makes it super easy to drive and park. I parallel park this baby downtown, even without back window visibility, and more than once I’ve been given an actual clapping standing ovation by observers on the sidewalk! Hahaha.
~6 speeds on the powerful automatic transmission.
~Incredibly strong torque. I’m frequently surprised at the power this van has, with only 4 cylinders, which gives it it’s fuel efficiency. It’s got really good pick up for getting up hills and pulling out into oncoming traffic and yet it also gets 19-24 miles to the gallon…the same as my Subaru Outback… which is ncredible for an RV!
~The side window in slider-door, and back-up-camera, make backing and maneuvering way easier than it might seem at first glance. The fact that there are no other windows (although you could always add them if you wanted to I suppose) make it more stealth for “in-town camping”, and makes it more secure against break-ins, and keeps it warmer or cooler weather camping/cooler when it’s warm.


Up Front:

~Has a great stereo with pre-amp and upgraded speakers (the stock stereos in Sprinters are TERRIBLE so I sunk a couple thousand bucks into making this one awesome)
~Strong Air Conditioning in the front while driving, but no A/C unit in the back for when you are parked. The Fantastic Fan does a great job of keeping it cool inside though, and even camping in the hot summer in Colorado I never felt like I needed AC. The fan has a solar powered sensor so it will close itself if it rains, & a remote control so you can adjust it from the driver’s seat
~I also had a safe built into the body of the vehicle for your valuables.
~3rd passenger seat is a “jump seat” in the middle between the 2 front seats. This has a lap belt/no shoulder strap & is 100% legal. It is actually quite comfortable! People have been asking if the seats swivel…I chose to install the jump seat instead, to be able to carry a 3rd seatbelted passenger, thereby forgoing the ability for the seats to swivel. Be aware: The swivel hardware adds 6 inches to the height of the seats and when I sat in a friend’s van it felt very awkward to be sitting up that high so I decided against them. If you wanted to remove the jump seat, you could do that and add the swivel hardware if you wanted the seats to swivel though and you didn’t mind riding 6 inches higher.

In the back:

~Fold up/down dinette table and pull-out bench for for eating, working or playing games
~Cutting edge “Dry-Flush Toilet” (doesn’t smell & no tank to empty)
~Beautiful Hand-Hammered Copper Sink, with water pump/faucet and beautiful bamboo counter top
~The Biggest, Baddest, Top-of-the-Line ARB fridge on the market, with freezer (it doubles as a bench seat). Don’t set yourself up for a headache by even considering a van conversion that isn’t equipped with either an Engel, or an ARB brand fridge. All other brands are NOT built to survive the jostling of the road and are designed for normal RVs that will only be on smooth road or at RV parks. ARB and Engels (I chose ARB because the size of the freezer section can be adjusted to your needs vs. the Engel that’s set in place forever) are built to handle the jostling of washboard dirt roads and driving over rocks as you’re headed to those off road destinations.
~Tons of locking drawers that slide like butter, and hold lots and lots of stuff
~3 house batteries give you power for about 36 hours, and then driving for about 20-30 mins recharges them
~12v and 110 power plugs throughout, as well as “shore power” and electrical outlets so that you can plug in at an RV park or home via an extension cord. I never ended up needing my solar set-up even when I was camping, it seemed like I always ended up moving it every 36 hours anyway. If you plan to be camping in one place for an extended time, I have a solar panel/set-up you could buy for an extra $250.
~It does not have a heater in the back (great one up front though!), but the refrigerator puts off enough warmth that I never really needed one.
~Interior height is 6’2″ so standing up is a breeze for many people.
~Couch pulls out into a VERY comfy KING sized bed. In the aisle underneath you can have a 3rd sleep spot on a Thermarest, and there’s a 4th place to sleep (for someone who is 5″8 or shorter) on top of the fridge (there’s a board not pictured that you put on top of the fridge to make it flat).

There is no heater in the back…I found I never needed them as I tend toward warmer climates when I travel vs going to the snow. I have heard great things about the diesel heaters though, and I have great van-build professionals in Sacramento who know this van well, and I could refer you to them for anything you’d like to adjust about the design. Or locally, I have a fantastic carpenter in Santa Cruz, who did the carpentry parts of the build who I can connect you with as well. I’ve considered adding a couple of seatbelts to the back couch/bed and the guys in Sac said they can do that.

I specifically wanted a design that allows you to walk all the way through, to be able to exit the back instead of just the side door. This comes in really handy for stealth camping in civilization, and the back bumper is the lowest entry point of the van so it’s easier on the knees. Also if you park on a hill, getting that side door open is HARD. Or if you are in a tight parking lot or right up against a building or trees or whatnot…that aisle/back door access is possibly my favorite part of the design and I used the heck out of that way to get in and out. If I built another van (which I likely will in the future, this is the main feature I would definitely keep!)


~Roof-mounted Solar Shower…Hand-held shower nozzle hooks to an electric pump (powered by the van), which provides excellent pressure. There is a little bamboo platform to stand on to keep your feet clean, and there are hooks for the shower curtain to pull across between the 2 back doors when they are open.
~Outside Stove/Cooking Set-up. My experience in other vans was that the greasy-steam that get released into the small space when cooking, ultimately leaves an icky film on everything. The propane stove CAN be brought inside and used on the long counter inside (with proper ventilation), but I wouldn’t recommend this as more than an occasional thing.
~”Baja” tires for better off-road traction
~Top of the line roof rack and ladder from San Jose Rack & Road
~Bikes can be hung and locked to the back ladder, or they can fit in the aisle between the cabinets.
~There is also a top of the line trailer hitch should you need to tow anything up to 5,000 lbs, or if you have a bike rack you’d like to attach.

I’ve put my absolute heart and soul into creating this work of art! I trust it will serve you well!

*Possible delivery available

Serious buyers only….if you’re just interested in learning how to build out a Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Pro Master, Chevy Express, Ford Transit, or Nissan NV I’m happy to let you pick my brain/experience for a small consulting fee. Please…Qualified & serious buyers only please.

Thank you so much & we look forward to speaking with you!
Susi & John
831 824-4146

More pics are here:

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