2013 For Sale in Santa Fe, NM

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 9/30/16

-Ad Source: Craigslist
-Location: Santa Fe, NM
-Seller Type: Private
-Asking Price: $76,000
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Camper Facts

-Model Year: 2013
-Odometer: 36k
-Maker: Not Listed
-Model: ERA
-Size: 24 Foot
-Engine: 6 Cylinders

More Details:
For sale by owner (my husband). This vehicle is very well maintained. It is as clean as new and only has 36k miles on it. For the buyer’s convenience we have also listed it for rent. However, you don’t have to buy it in order to rent it. Note that the average daily rate is $209. A vet discount is available. Since most auto insurance policies don’t cover rv rentals. We have purchased a great policy.

Go to this link for more details on the vehicle. Feel free to email me with any questions.


You can rent the rv to find out if you want to make the commitment to buy it. When you rent it, “Tortuga” will be fully stocked like a corporate hotel suite with kitchen, bed and bath items. I offer 30% off to those who have a real interest in buying (document showing pre-approval). There is no obligation to buy, it’s just incentive. Also, if you decide to buy it, all rental costs (except rvshare fees) will go toward the purchase. It’s a win/win for you.

Take a weekend vacation and drive home with a practical and luxurious vehicle you will adore.
I wouldn’t sell it if I didn’t have too!


Camper Photos

2013 Santa Fe NM

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