Site & Ad Updates for March 2019

Site & Ad Updates

Hello Sprinter Camper Enthusiasts!

We wanted to touch based with you on same major updates we have made to the site recently.

  1. We have cleaned up the old archives and marked them all as “No Longer Available” or “Sold” based on the feedback we had received.  The old listings are still there for reference but all the seller contact info has been removed to eliminate any confusion for buyers.
  2. The best place to stay tuned for the newest listings we post, is still our Mailing List or new Facebook page, however we have also added a Recent Posts section so you can quickly see the 10 most recent posts added to the site.  This and our Featured Seller section are the best places to search for current ads on our site.
  3. For our Mercedes Sprinter Camper sellers out there; we have updated, improved and streamlined the Ad Submission process.  Now it is as easy as filling out a few fields and submitting a link if you already have a Craigslist or other classifieds ad.  Based on seller feedback, we have also included additional promotion options.  [CLICK HERE to Submit your Ad]

During these updates we also posted some new ads from Arizona.

Check out more details in the update summary below.


Update Summary:

Number of New Ads: 5
Model Years: 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018
Locations: Arizona

We also wanted to re-promote our recent Featured Seller Listing which is still available.  For more, go to our Home Page and use any of the navigational tools to browse the site.


Featured Seller Listing

2015 Roadtrek CS-Adventurous in Summerland, BC

Roadtrek CS-Adventurous on a 3500 Mercedes Chassis Transferable Extended Warranty to 2022 or 80,000 kilometres 3.0 Litre CRD V6 Turbo Diesel – 5 speed automatic 2 vinyl swiveling Captain’s Driver and front passenger seats Solar […]

[See Full Listing]


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