2006 Conversion For Sale in Santa Fe, NM


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Asking Price: $47,500

2006 Santa Fe NM

Camper Features

  • Model Year: 2006
  • Odometer: 250,000
  • Maker: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: Freightliner Sprinter 2500 SHC
  • Size: Not Listed

Ad Details

  • City/Area: Santa Fe
  • State/Region: New Mexico
  • Contact Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!

More Information & Pictures

2006 Mercedes Freightliner Sprinter 2500 SHC

clean title in hand – $47,500 OBO
(we’re open to delivering out of state if we can arrange a secure deposit and agreement that everyone feels good about)
Very well maintained. This fully converted camper van is ready for weekend trips or for full-time living. This was designed around simplicity and ease. The electric, water, plumbing, toilet, and shower were all designed to be super user friendly, so that anyone can use it and understand it. Complete with a full-size bed, tons of storage, a rooftop solar shower, a toilet, and a complete kitchen with a sink, stove, and refrigerator. This van also has more solar electric power than we ever needed.

This is the rare and sought after extra long and high roof T1N. T1N’s have the original Mercedes Sprinter 5 cylinder turbo diesel engines. If you read on the Sprinter forums you will learn that they are known to go for a million miles when well taken care of. They are easy to work on, get great gas milage, and can run on the lower grade Diesel in Mexico and South America. You don’t have to deal with the infamous problems of the diesel particulate filers, DEF systems, and over computerization of the newer models of Sprinters. We’ve clocked it at over 27mpg, when driving on the highway all day going 65mph (no joke). But if you like to drive 80mph on the highway, and average that with in town stop and go speeds and going slow on BLM dirt roads it gets more like 24-25mpg. This van is large enough for two people to comfortably cohabitate with tons of gear, yet small enough to manuver through town and park in regular parking spaces. This van is not 4wd, but with 158 in wheel base and the high clearance you can drive it most anywhere. This van has been to some far out places and we never got it stuck or had any close calls.

The Full Camper Conversion Specs

The main living space:

-Very well insulated with 3” of spray foam throughout entire body, walls and ceiling. We went with spray foam because it has the highest R value of all other options of insulation. We have been able to stay warm down to 29 degrees with out running the heater, and stayed cool in the desert heat with the sun screen in the windshield, the ceiling fan running, and the back window open for cross breeze.
– Completely sound proofed with Noico sound deadening on all the walls and floor
– Aromatic Eastern Red Ceder paneling on the ceiling and passenger side wall. Smells and looks great, and is supposed to keep bugs out.
– (2) 100 watt Renogy solar panels, mounted on stealthy low rider brackets
– Yeti Goal Zero 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station, with the Yeti Lithium MPPT Solar Charging Optimization Module accessory already installed in it.

This is an all-in-one kit with a charge controller, 1500 Watt AC Inverters, USB ports, with override protection, etc… It puts out a pure sine wave (which is safe for laptops, unlike some generators that have altered waves). It provided my girlfriend and I with more power then we ever needed living in the van full-time. This battery rarely dropped below 70% charge. Even on cloudy days, running 2 laptops, 2 iPhones, lights, a Vitamix, a hair dryer, a shop vac, and charging my batteries for a full line of power tools including an electric chainsaw.
Full specs can be seen here: https://www.goalzero.com/shop/power-stations/goal-zero-yeti-1000-lithium-portable-power-station/

the kitchen is built around a 2X6 ft. Acacia wood butcher block counter
– Suburban 3 burner stove. We chose this because it actually has room for 3 full size pans to be used all at once. Most builds have the little 2 burner stoves that can’t really fit 2 full size pots or pans at the same time.
– Dometic 3 Way Refrigerator, 5 cubic foot storage capacity. Custom wood piece on the front of the refrigerator door, by artist JA Design (jadesignwork.com).
– Large Ruvati stainless steel sink. 16” long by 12” wide by 8” deep. We chose this large sink to have plenty of room to easily wash a stack of dishes or leave pots overnight if you’re feeling lazy. This sink was under-mounted below the counter and has a butcher block cut-out that fits perfectly over the sink basin for additional counter space or to be used as a cutting board.
– Simple and low-maintenance set up for the plumbing, using BPA free 7 gallon jugs for fresh water and grey water that connect to the sink through a foot pump and drinking water grade RV hosing. There are 4 jugs (28 gallons total) that can be filled at RO water stations for drinking, dishes, etc… This makes getting water easy and not dependent on RV park water hook ups to fill a large water tank. It also makes it easy to dump the little grey water jug whenever it gets full.
– Maxxair MaxxFan plus ceiling fan and vent. 10 speed, dual direction fan that can be controlled by a thermostat.
– Rear window that slides open for a cross breeze with a screen and dark tinted glass.
– Kaiser heater/ AC unit in the back
– Camco 2.5 gallon cassette toilet. Decided to use this for simplicity because it takes up very little space, is easy to clean and much more convenient then dealing with a large black water tank
– 11 recessed dimmable LED lights. The ceiling lights are on 4 separate dimmer switches, and the kitchen counter has 3 lights mounted under the kitchen cabinets on its own switch.
– Very simple 12 volt electrical system that is set up with all components on their own fuses that anyone can easily access and understand. There are extra spaces on the breaker to add any additional 12 volt appliances if you want to at some point.
– Plenty of closet space, large garage under the bed and plenty of storage though out.
– A brand new, never slept on, full-size mattress. This Zinus green tea and activated charcoal infused memory foam mattress has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 63,000 ratings.
– Passenger seat is on a swivel base so you can turn it around and have more seating. This feature really brings the cab of the van and the living space together. This swivel seat adapter is from sprinterstore.com

The Cab:
– The underside of passenger seat is also a safe, with a powder coated steel door with lock and key (Safe Stor).
– JVC stereo with Bluetooth, Aux cord, and USB. It has Rockford Fosgate full range speakers as well.
– Back up/ rear view camera
– Garmin GPS navigation system
– Large heat reflective windshield cover

– 4 VanTech roof racks. Powder coated steel with 250 lb weight capacity each (1000lbs total). Plenty of room for kayaks, rafts, surfboards, cargo boxes, lumber, tipi poles, or whatever…
– Yakima Road Shower 4. Seven gallon solar shower made of heavy duty powder coated metal. Heats up fast and works great. You can pressurize it with a bike pump, though gravity alone provides plenty of pressure with the vans roof being so high. All components are drinking water safe. Can also use it to wash surfboards, camping gear, even the van itself. Here’s a link to its full specs: https://yakima.com/products/roadshower?_ga=2.98327775.1574659704.1600910017-1320603414.1600910017
– Genuine Surco Sprinter ladder on the back door for easy access to the roof, a great place to enjoy the sunset.
– Dark tinted windows on the slider door and rear doors
– New front windshield installed 04/2019
– Good tires with tons of tread left

– This van has been babied and meticulously cared for. All oil changes and regular maintenance were performed before the manufactures recommendations and I have the records for all services done and parts replaced. When I first bought this van I brought it to a Sprinter specialist and asked what they recommended I do to make this van last like the million mile T1N’s I’ve heard about. Based on that advice and whatever things inevitably did need to be replaced in the following year and a half of traveling full time, the following repairs were made:

– All 5 fuel injectors replaced and resealed
– Basically the entire break system has been replaced, all the lines, front rotors and brake pads, tone wheels, master cylinder, wheel bearings and seals, wear indicators, and the emergency brake. The only part of the breaks that haven’t been replaced are the rear brake pads, which are still great
– Most of the sensors have been replaced; the O2 sensor, mass airflow sensor, EGR valve, ambient temperature sensor, crank shaft sensor, wheel wpeed sensors
– New Battery and battery cable
– New air filter and fuel filter
– New auxiliary cab heater
– New fuel water separator, some fuel hoses replaced
– New thermostat
– Transmission serviced
– Mercedes also performed a factory recall; Mercedes open campaign recall 201604001 – T1NVOLOBD

A few things that are not perfect:
– The AC is not blowing cold air. When I bought the van both the air conditioner in the cab and the rear worked perfectly, then this summer they stopped blowing cold. I have been told that the system just needs a freon recharge.
– The heater /AC in the rear has a broken switch that turns it from heat to AC. It is easy to switch in a matter of seconds though, but requires unscrewing the face plate to access the mechanism. I never bothered getting it fixed, as I only need to switch it over about once every 6 months or so when the seasons change.
– There are some minor dings and scratches here and there in the interior of the van, but nothing major.
– There are some small dots of rust above the front windshield, but pretty minor
– A couple slots on the air vents in the cab have popped off, I have them in a baggie and figured out how to repair them, I just haven’t done it yet, though I may fix them before the sale.
– Sometimes when driving on bumpy or washboardy roads you can hear the spare tire holding rack underneath the van bouncing around. It’s completely secure, it can just make some noise in bumpy conditions. I’ve learned some people put their spare on the roof or get a rack for the back door, but it never bothered me enough to do it

My girlfriend and I bought this van, built it out, and then lived in it full time traveling the country for a year and a half. We’ve settled down in Santa Fe, NM and aren’t traveling much right now. We love this van more than anything we’ve ever owned and we’re sad to be selling it, but it’s time for a new chapter in our lives. We’re stoked for whomever gets to enjoy it next!

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